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Heal ~ Never Harm



Show me both your palms and with my practical knowledge of palm-reading, gained over many years of private study and learning, I can show you the lines and signs on your palms and their meanings. With the aid of loving Spirit Guides and also my own higher intuition, you will find your reading to be accurate, comprehensive, thought-provoking and, most importantly, uplifting for you.​

Available: All Venues


Psychic Reader, Spiritual Mentor, Shamanic Healer, Chakra Balancing

If you want insight into the reasons for your incarnation, your gifts and challenges, want to be better able to handle what’s happening now and what you can expect on the next stage of life’s journey – Angela opens the possibilities for your healing, removing blockages and feeling better about life.

Angela runs Colour Therapy & Meditation courses, leads telephone meditations for personal and planetary healing with an international group, is a Marriage and Funeral Celebrant, a member of Toastmasters International, she gets invited as a guest speaker and runs workshops in wellness environments.

Her readings are deeply insightful and practical.

Available: Venues NOR & Pagoda



As a medium I have the ability to connect with your loved ones and bring any messages they may have for you. As a Psychic I connect to your energy and offer guidance that you may need for any issues or concerns you may have. Please feel free to ask questions. I offer readings in English & French.

Barbara Jones

Tarot, Psychic Medium

Through Tarot I will give you answers on romance, career, health, business and life direction. I can also show your life path through Numerology and Astrology. Loved ones, Guides and Angels may come through to bring you guidance.

Available: Whale & Ale, Clarkson


Tarot, Astrology

I read the planetary energies of your birth chart. Your chart is like a theatre in which the planets are the actors, the zodiac signs are their costumes and the roles they are playing, the houses are the stages/areas of activity and the aspects indicate the relationships between the actors. I also read the Tarot within an astrological framework.

Available: Venues NOR & Pagoda



The Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet used for writing, divination, and magic. Runes are an oracle that can give you advice in: Relationships, Career, Work, Love, Certain Circumstances, and Future Possibilities. The Runes help you to analyse the path that you are on and a possible outcome. The Future is not Fixed. It changes with every choice that you make or action that you take. There is always Free Will, Your Future, Your Choice.

Available: All Venues


Intuitive, Reiki Master

The cards bring their own energy and I work with it to help and guide you. I love the energy that my cards bring to a reading. I am a nationally accredited Holistic Counsellor,  Reiki Practitioner and Meditation Teacher.


Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, Numerology

I have been reading and helping people for more than 35 years with much accuracy. I tune into your energy and give you messages from spirit. I am also a Natural Therapist and Reiki practitioner so I can also assist you with health and emotional issues.

Available: Venues NOR


Tarot, Numerology

I have been doing psychic readings for about 30 years. Tuning into the energies around you I can see auric colours. I'm a Reiki Master, psychotherapist and Healing Touch Practitioner. I am also a teacher of meditation, psychic development and Reiki to Masters level.

Available: Whale & Ale


Psychic Medium

I have the ability to pick up on your past, present, and future through my gifts of sense, feel, taste, and hearing Spirit. I have an innate ability to be incredibly detailed about information, from hair, eyes, food that was cooked, road names etc.

Available: All Venues



I will give you an Intuitive Tarot reading for six months that will help you focus on areas such as Love, Career, Travel & Money. I use Numerology, Crystals, Angel Guides & Chakra Balancing in my readings to help you on your journey. 

Available: All Venues


Tarot, Clairvoyant, Psychometry, Photo Readings

I have 30 years experience reading the Tarot cards which was passed to me from my grandmother who was extremely gifted. Through the use of my Tarot and Clairvoyance, my readings are empathic and accurate, assisting you to find clarity in your life to empower you to make the right choices. If Tarot isn't for you, I also offer readings by Psychometry using a piece of jewellery or a photo.

Available: All Venues SOR


Tarot, Psychic Medium

As an authentic, compassionate and honest Psychic Medium & Tarot reader, connecting people in the physical world with their loved ones in the Spirit World is my passion. I have been blessed with these Spiritual Gifts since birth. Having developed & used these gifts for many years I seek to share with as many people as I can. Helping & guiding people on their life journey & reuniting them with their loved ones is an absolute privilege.

Available: All Venues SOR


Psychic Medium

I am honest in my readings with a heritage that goes back to Welsh Gypsies. Although our loved ones have passed into the light, they have never left our side. I find helping others a very humbling experience and am very grateful for the gift of communicating with the Spirit World so that I can comfort others.

Available: All Venues SOR



As a fourth-generation Psychic reader in my family I’ve been blessed with the ability of Tasseography, (reading coffee cups) for the last 30 years. The images I see in the cup gives me insight into your life of what is around you and what is coming up, giving you clarity on your life journey. It starts with a coffee and a chat. I look forward to reading for you.

Available: All Venues


Crystal readings, Pendulum, Energy Worker

I am able to work with Spirit to obtain an insight into your situation or concern.  Using crystals I am able to see what Spirit feel you need to know and to look at the next three to six months.  Through my readings I have been helping Clients from all over Australia for a number of years.  I look forward to reading for you.

Available: All Venues NOR


Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology

I am a  palmist, tarot reader and astrologist and work through these mediums to give you a look at the past, present and future with the help of these medium. As they say your life is in your hands and the future is in the stars.

Available: All Venues


Tarot, Clairvoyant, Medium, Reiki Master

Coming from a South American family whose Psychic and Healing abilities span back many generations, I have a natural gift of Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Healing to assist you to find the answers you seek to bring you healing and balance in your life.

Available: All Venues METRO


Reiki Master

I create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, helping to clear your mind and put aside your worries. An energy healing to be experienced.

Available: All Venues


Reiki Master

Available: All Venues


Psychic Medium

I give detailed readings and can connect to your loved ones. I hear, see and feel spirit. I read photo’s of loved ones past and present. I also do body scans where I can pick up any energy blockages and most health issues. I have a direct line to spirit, if you have a question ask me and they will provide the answers.

Available: All Venues


Spirit Channel

I use cards to explore the depths, and Spirit communication for the highest guidance possible. My duty to you is to provide a positive, supportive and uplifting experience. I pass along any messages which may help you on your journey.

Available: All Venues

Lisa K

Tarot Oracle, Empath

As an empath I tune into your energies & emotions to feel what is ahead for you. Using the cards as my tool, I show you your options, helping to guide you on the right path. I am also a Reiki Practitioner.

Available: All Venues

Lisa O.

Reiki Practitioner

I channel white light energy to activate natural healing of stressed and pain sufferers to find the relief they need to achieve stress free, centred days using Reiki, colour, sound and crystals. 

Available: All Venues


Tarot, Healer

Using Tarot, Angels & spiritual guides I will help you see the precious gift you are, interpret your present situation in a positive way & understand your past for the valuable lessons. I offer readings in English and Spanish.

Available: All Venues


Psychic Medium, Cards

I have been working intuitively with Cards, Crystals and Reiki for over 20 years. Offering guidance, insight and clarification, I provide an Holistic reading which focuses on solutions and empowerment. I have diplomas in Nursing, Counselling & Reiki Master

Available: All Venues


Medium, Intuitive

Working intuitively, I gather information from Spirit, and those who have passed. I have a life time of experience in spiritual work and cater to all and any in need of healing, guidance, counselling and soul restoration.
Available: All Venues


Tarot, Tea Leaf Readings

I have 30 plus years experience as a natural and direct channel. Using Tarot, Tea Leaf Readings, Mediumship and Psychic Art I will give messages to you direct from the Universe. I don’t beat around the bush.

Available: All Venues


Tea Leaf Readings

I see images in the tea cup and with my mediumship abilities I am able to see, feel, hear and smell what Spirit brings through in order to assist you on your life journey. Beside your loved ones, pets may also come through.

Available: All Venues


Tarot ~ Palmistry

As a 4th generation clairvoyant, taught first by my grandmother, I can help heal past hurt, misfortune and help you to find where you are in the present, guiding you to achieve your full potential in the future. I am also a Reiki Master.

Available: All Venues


Tarot, Psychic Medium

I value readings to help, guide & inspire you. I find assisting people to connect with their path is a beautiful act of service. I believe a reading should uplift you through accurate & evidential information to support you on the great journey of life.

Available: All Venues


Psychic Medium

My readings provide Spiritual guidance and counselling. I am intuitively guided to point you in the right direction. If there are any family or friends in Spirit who wish to connect with you then they will come through.

Available: All Venues SOR


Tarot, Oracle, Healer

I am able to give you wonderful insight into the coming year & answers to the questions you may have.  I am also a Spiritual Healer with empathic abilities which helps enhance and add depth to your reading.

Available: All Venues NOR


Astrology, Intuitive

As a passionate Astrologer and Intuitive card reader,  I translate the language of the Universe by using your birth data and the moon cycles. I also use Zodiac and Oracle cards, Numerology, and Astrology Dice to bring you guidance to assist you on your life’s journey.

Available: All Venues


Psychic Medium

My readings are inspirational messages from Spirit.  The loving messages of practical wisdom are for you, as a source of support and guidance, to inspire you on your life path.  Loved ones in Spirit who wish to contact you will come through. In sharing this beautiful gift with all who seek and are drawn to open their eyes, their heart, and their mind, I serve Life, in allowing Spirit to speak through me, I serve Love.

Available: All Venues

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