7 Chakra Stone window decoration

7 Chakra Stone window decoration

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7 natural stones wrapped in cord, to fill your home with healing energies. 

Clear Quartz - Realigns and refocuses the body, mind and spirit. Amplifies any thoughts programmed into it. Amplifies the healing properties of all other crystals placed with it. Will cleanse the energy in your home, and enhance peace and clarity.
Amethyst - A crystal known for assisting with sleep, he can help to ward off negative energies and calm mental stress.
Lapis Lazuli - A royal stone, brings awareness of Soul and spiritual purpose in life.
Aventurine - An excellent stone to destress and calm the body and mind, encouraging optimism and a renewed zest for life.
Tigers Eye - Used to shield your energy field from negativity as well clearing tension, it can bring a soothing calm to restore body and mind. A stone of protection.
Carnelian - Can help bring courage when facing personal challenges. 
Red Jasper - Increases the ability to cope with all of life's pressures, a strengthening and life-enhancing stone.

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